Welcome to the DeskControl Tour
Welcome to the DeskControl Tour. Here, you will be guided through the standard features of DeskControl and some of the add-on products offered to give you a greater understanding of the benefits available to your staff and business.

Easy Login
DeskControl's simple login procedure means you and your staff do not need to remember a separate username and password.

Web-based Email (WebMail)
DeskControl WebMail allows users to quickly and easily access their mailbox from any internet-enabled PC or laptop, making DeskControl ideal if you have employees who travel or who are regularly out of the office.

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My Calendar
Staff can set appointments and meetings in their calendar to help them take control of their day and organise their time more effectively.

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Employee Profile
Employee Profiles help to ensure your staff's personal details are always up to date. You have the control to specify what information is to be collected from each employee and then set role permissions as to who is authorised to view these details.

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Staff Phone Directories
Through the Staff Phone Directories feature, DeskControl maintains a list of employee contact details that can be searched and sorted, to ensure each employee's telephone extension, mobile phone numbers and other contact details are at your fingertips whenever you need them.

Knowledge Trees
Using a series of trees, important company information such as procedure manuals, policies and HR documents can be organised, stored and accessed by staff from one central, online location.

Hard Drive
Files that are frequently used by numerous people in your office can be stored on the DeskControl Hard Drive to provide quick and easy access by those who are authorised to view them.

My Office
My Office provides your staff with a directory of important company resources such as fax machines, printers, file servers and terminal servers. As each device in the My Office directory can also have a status assigned to it, your staff have a single contact point to find out information about these critical company resources.

Upgrade your WebMail to Managed Exchange*
Managed Exchange is designed to help you manage your critical information, including email, calendar, contacts and tasks, all in one place and with the convenience of being accessible from anywhere at anytime. Managed Exchange provides many opportunities for teams to collaborate and ultimately increase overall productivity.

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Promotions Manager*
Promotions Manager is an email marketing product that allows you to take control of your direct email marketing campaigns. The three main features which differentiate Promotions Manager from other standard email communication programs are:

Database management - Allows you to customise your databases so that any information recorded can be merged into an email to create personalised customer communications.
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Email Wizard and Templates - Using the email wizard, you can easily create professional looking HTML email messages without needing to know any complex HTML programming.
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Email Statistics - Provides powerful tracking of your email to analyse the success of your campaign, including who opened it, who clicked on the links, who forwarded it to a friend, and more.
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DeskControl SMS*
DeskControl SMS provides you with convenient messaging functionality between your mobile phone and PC using the following add-on options:

SMS Sender & Register Your Mobile
With SMS Sender, you can send a text message to mobile phones directly from your PC. DeskControl will also allow you to register your mobile number so that the message will appear to have been sent from your mobile phone and not from DeskControl. Any reply message will be sent back to your mobile phone.
SMS 24 Hour Assistant
The 24 Hour Assistant helps you locate contact details of staff via your mobile phone 24 hours a day. This is handy if you are trying to contact staff but do not have access to a PC.

Global Dial-Up Internet Access*
Rather than your staff having to remember a separate username and password for their dial-up internet access accounts, your staff can access the internet direct from DeskControl using their mailbox details. As your office manager receives detailed usage reports, you can easily track and monitor how much time each employee has spent online.

* Additional fees apply for using these services.

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